• Projects & Installations – Power & Water
  • Workshop activities – Power, Equipment & Motors
  • Field services – For all our activities
  • Genuine Spare Parts – Perkins
  • Generators, Perkins powered – Diesel & Gas
  • Diesel Fuel Injection Systems – Delphi, Denso, others
  • Leasing – Vehicles, Generating sets, others


Coming from the background of UTC Engineering, we are not new in the business of Power generation service support. As a matter of fact we have supplied one of the first Lister Genset’s to Nigeria in the 1940’s and since then provide the necessary service  backup to our numerous customers.

To mention a few we have had the Rolls Royce franchise. We started to assemble Rolls Royce powered generator sets. As fallout of restructuring, Perkins acquired the Diesel engine segment from Rolls Royce which became the 3000 series line.

In a similar manner, Perkins acquired the Dorman Engine Company and is now the 4000 series line. However Servipower continued to provide the necessary support for this line in Nigeria.

In 2002 we were appointed as the Perkins Distributor for Nigeria, consequently we continued to provide technical support services and spare parts to all the Perkins stakeholders in Nigeria.

Engineering and After Sales Service

Generating set sales is a complementary business and is centered on end-users who want a comprehensive support including installation and in some cases that we provide the 24/7 operation of the set(s).

Based on our skills we are able to provide comprehensive support and service to all our clients including planning, design, execute and running of power projects. We have the in house staff to do the necessary installations up to the commmission stage of power plants. Outsourcing is minimal and mainly for civil aspects of projects.

We also provide annual maintenance contract.

Delphi diesel fuel injection business

Delphi is today’s market leader in the diesel fuel injection component manufacturer. Delphi acquired sometimes ago Lukas and CAV, two UK based companies.

The regional office responsible for the African market including Nigeria is in Birmingham.

Many of Perkins engines are equipped with Delphi Fuel injection pumps. With the state of the art test equipment, we are capable of handling all Diesel Fuel Injection equipment including Common Rail Systems.

Having extensively invested in the Hartridge equipment, we are capable of testing all make Injection equipment, we also provide Diesel Fuel Injection service to 3rd parties alike.


The leasing division provides operating leases anchored on the established engineering skills of the motors, power and mechanical capabilities of servipower.

Presently, the business covers among others:

Provision of operating leases and logistics support to leading companies in the petroleum, banking and telecommunications sectors.

Sales and maintenance facilities for motor vehicles, mainly on project basis.

Additionally, the company is currently expanding its vehicle, generator and equipment lease operation to dedicated Logistics and Facility Management services to leading companies in the manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industries.

Gas Powered Generator

Beaver Power offers a range of gas fuelled generators using the Quantum range of engines for the smaller brand (30KVA – 250KVA) and the Perkins 4000 series for the larger brand (300KVA upwards).

The units are offered as standard Electro-units for power generation or as Cogen-units for combined heat and Power.

Training & Staff development

The company emphasizes on staff training in order that knowledge and effectiveness in work quality and response time in operations/service is enhanced whilst value adding to products and services.

Our staff is undergoing frequent training, for example being related practical sessions on equipment, administrative training including HSE aspects of the profession, etc.

Servipower employs up to date technologies in all aspects of its operations.


Logistics, quality control and synergies

The company has a wide range of products which complement one another e.g. Perkins provides generating sets, their spares and servicing for the leasing operation and other businesses and vice versa.

Servipower has always been a “quality” company. Servipower is continuing with this and is continuously improving upon quality, the purpose being to exceed customer expectations.

Of importance to the companies operations is to maintain an acceptable level of quality control and customer service-striving always to exceed the customer’s expectations whether in the quality of products, response time to order or complaints, service delivery, or neat environment which will be welcome to customers and staff.

This philosophy is instilled in each employee as he/she is hired and trained.